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facial treatments
plant based skincare created for balance


Facial treatments with a conscious mind.  Essential Bloom provides skincare to heal, prevent and treat current facial woes. Self care given with intention. Gently nourishing delicate concerns using powerful, plant based products.  Melt away into complete relaxation with a custom treatment. Who says you cant have results and relaxation? Come find beauty in balance.

🚩𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐧 𝐧𝐞𝐰 𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞

wild flower

suitable for all skin types

soothe heal correct prevent

Bloom from the inside out with this custom, aromatic and relaxing facial.  The OG skincare service at Essential Bloom! Target skincare concerns while utilizing natural ingredients. This full facial includes all your skincare needs. Skincare analysis, double cleanse and deep exfoliation. Followed by a nourishing facial mask. Relax facial muscles and improve circulation with a deep facial and arm massage.  Your skin will be left feeling deeply hydrated, toned and glowy. The perfect service to bring balance to your skin and mind alike.

60min facial $115

select an add on to enhance your treatment



suitable for all skin types

treat prevent glow

The facial that has all EB offers for your best skin ever. This treatment includes a soothing CBD foot soak/scrub. Custom double cleanse, enzyme peel, hydradermabrasion to extract, plump and exfoliate deeply. Followed by a targeted anti aging masque, high frequency to banish bacteria, tension easing scalp massage, arm massage and facial massage.  All your skin and mind could ever need in one blissful facial.  Leaving you in a completely euphoric state - skin and mind alike.
90min facial $225

hydra glow


suitable for all skin types

hydrate exfoliate extract

The newest facial at EB using hydra technology. Utilizing a deep vortex cleanse to purify and peel deep within the pores. Followed by an infusion of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump. Black heads and dull lifeless skin cells are visibly removed after one treatment.  Includes targeting masque, deep extractions and a relaxing arm/hand massage. Your glow has arrived.  For best results I recommend doing a sequence of 3-6 treatments.

60min facial $150

select an add on to enhance your treatment

renewed ritual 


suitable for all skin types

exfoliate soften correct

( Peptide/Glycolic ) Facial peels renew the skin on a deeper level then your traditional facial scrub.  Brightening pigmentation from sun damage or past trauma to the skin. This tailored treatment we will determine which peel is best suited towards your needs. Say hello to immediate glowing & softer skin.  For your best ever results I recommend doing a series of 3-6 treatments.  This relaxing treatment includes a tension releasing arm/hand massage to bring mental relaxation.

60min superficial peel facial $135
Not suitable for sensitive or broken skin

halo effect


suitable for all skin types

correct brighten soften

Your no prep facial peel treatment breathes life back into dull, tired and damaged skin cells. This oxygenating peel formulation releases bio-oxygen with lactic acid for cell regeneration revealing baby smooth, youthful looking skin. Oxygen Skin Regenerative is rich in arabinogalactans derived from botanical plants, skin will brighten, firm, tone and immediately glow.  This treatment includes extractions and an soothing arm/hand massage.

60min superficial peel facial $120
Not suitable for sensitive or broken skin



suitable for all skin types

tighten prevent tone

A firming facial treatment that firms the skin, and provides deep relaxation in the mind and body alike. The botox effect facial without any needles.  Argireline targets and tones fine lines by preventing facial movement. This amazing treatment tightens on the skin creating a unique experience that softens signs of aging caused by facial expression. While providing much needed hydration to the skins surface.  This deluxe treatment includes a fully customized skincare line up, and a divine peppermint scalp massage. This service will aid in toning, tightening and feeling like you're that b*tch!
60min tightening facial $115
Not suitable during pregnancy
May not be suitable for certain skin conditions

withered willow

suitable for acneic + oily +

combo skin types

nourish alleviate avert

The holy grail skincare treatment for problematic skin, or for gals struggling with breakouts. This efficient facial gets right to business. Gently purify skin without stripping natural oils with a purifying deep cleanse & gentle enzymes to exfoliate aggravated skin. Extractions remove traces of impurities, with a high frequency zap to blast future break outs. Soothing plant based products paired with an ice globe massage, aid in the battle against hormonal break outs. This treatment aims to heal, treat and protect.


💫 Check out our body treatments for a back facial

60min facial & jelly mask $115

the remedy

& peel

suitable for acneic + oily +

combo skin types

nourish alleviate avert

Your skin shouldn't be calling the shots. This acne targeting facial includes an oxygen lactic acid peel. Peels allow for a deeper exfoliation, all while brightening the skins texture. An in depth cleanse followed by extractions to help draw out impurities. High frequency gently kills acne causing bacteria, promoting healing of blemishes. Find your skins soothed state with this healing facial treatment.  Also suitable for hormonal break outs.

60min facial + salicylic & lactic peel $120
Not suitable during pregnancy


facial add ons
its okay to be a little extra sometimes

High Frequency | Get On My Wave Length 12

Soothe & hydrate your skin with cooling algae masque. A none invasive & effective skincare tool. This service decreases inflammation & zaps acne causing bacteria.

Peppermint Scalp Massage | Transcend 20 | 10 min

Ease tension in the scalp & face with this divine facial add on service.  With a nourishing oil blend and cooling peppermint oil, this add on will leave you feeling deeply relaxed.

Jelly Masque add on  20

Soothe & hydrate your skin with cooling algae masque. Two is always better than one.  

Tightening Botox Masque | Toned Tulip 20

Tighten & tones signs of aging in the skin. Argireline targets and tones fine lines by preventing facial movement. This amazing treatment tightens on the skin creating a unique experience that softens signs of aging caused by facial expression

Tingling Mint & CBD Foot Soak + Scrub | Cool Your Jets 20 | 10 min

Your feet deserve a little lovin' too! This combo treatment starts your facial off on the right foot.  A soothing minty salt soak, paired with a mint & CBD scrub to soften your skin.  Creating the perfect spa experience.

Extractions 15 | 10 min

Gently remove black heads or blemishes from the skins surface. Utilizing both sonic + manual extractions.

Peel | 20

Achieve a deeper exfoliation with a brightening peel.  A custom peel will be tailored to your skins current needs.

body treatment facials prince george

body treatments

body care to soften, and heal problematic skin

glow goddess

body exfoliation

suitable for all but sensitive skin

soften brighten hydrate

A head to toe treatment for your mind and body. Dive into deep relaxation with this nourishing full body exfoliation followed by oil application with effleurage. Creating circulation while sloughing off dead, sallow skin cells. Brightens, tones and bring much needed nourishment to often neglected areas. If you are looking for a treatment that brings deep relaxation, or to soften dry skin, this is for you. Don't forget to add the mini enzyme facial option for an enhanced spa experience.

60 min body treatment $120
add mini enzyme facial $
Not suitable for sensitive or broken skin

A facial treatment for the often neglected back area. This part of the body is commonly untreated and can harbour bacteria. Purify & treat problematic backne with this blemish targeting treatment.  Includes a deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, bacteria killing high frequency, purifying masque and extractions. Enhance your treatment with a chemical peel to exfoliate, brighten pigmentation and soften your back & booty. 
45 min bacial $90
45 min
bacial & booty peel $125

on your 6


suitable for combo, oily problematic


heal protect prevent


gentle, quick waxing using hard wax


Lip ∘ 12
Chin 15
Neck ∘ 20
Full Face 45 +
Underarms ∘ 20


Derrière ∘ 45/20
Navel 10

Extended Bikini40
Inner Thigh20
Lower Leg 
∘ 40

waxing skincare enhancement
| add on | enhance your waxing experience

Delicate Flower ∘ 15
post brazilian wax jelly mask | calms skin | aids against ingrowns

Get On My Wavelength ∘ 15
high frequency treatment | face + bikini area | zaps acne | reduce inflammation | Fights ingrowns

Cool Calm & Collected ∘ 12
brow jelly masque | soothes red irritated skin post brow wax


brow services
lash & tinting

Lash Lift | Darkening Tint ∘ 100|90
beautifully curls your lashes for up to 6 -12 weeks
1st time lifters @ Essential Bloom 100 Return clients pay 90

Natural Eyes ∘ Tint Duo 45
define brows | lashes with custom colour blends

Full Bloom Trio 60
brow shape-up | duo tint


brow services

Brow Therapy∘ 50
brow wax | brow tint 

Brow Elixir 55
brow wax | hybrid brow tint

Brow Tint25

Hybrid Brow Tint 30
tints hair & stains skin for a more full brow


Lash Lifts bring straight lashes to life. Each hair is delicately positioned to create a beautiful eye opening effect. Lasting 6-12 weeks. All without the damage of curler. or the maintenance of extensions 

Tinting is a great way to bring more definition to the eye area.  Adding emphasis subtly with natural, custom shades. Recommended for first time tinters before trying hybrid.

Hybrid brow tints sit somewhere in the middle of henna and tint. They stain the skin for 7 + days (
dependent on every skin type and likely not the case for oily skin ) It also stains the hair for 7 weeks or more. Perfect for gals looking to fill in brows or create more fullness.



queen bee combos

That B*tch 130
brow wax | duo tint | lash lift 
Triple Threat 135
30 min custom facial | brow wax/tint

Queen Bee 120
brow wax | 45 min custom facial

prices do not include taxes & are subject to change without notice