how to prepare



Exfoliate the area well the day prior to your service


Avoid lotions and oils before your wax ( DO moisturize the area often between sessions )


Wear comfortable loose clothing to avoid adding irritation post wax Leave the lace at home - lace panties can aggravate the skin immediately after a wax. Stick to a light weight cotton.  Bring a clean pair along with you for post wax!


Let it grow! Hair needs to be 1/4 length to be removed effectively. Allow minimum 3 weeks post shave before coming in


Do you have any contraindications - check the list below


☞Tanning pre/post wax for 48 hrs ( burned skin cannot be waxed )

☞Moles cannot be waxed over

☞Oral or topical antibiotics

☞Bleaching agents for facial hair OR for skin tone. (Hydraquinone, Trilumena)

☞Facial botox within the last 2 weeks

☞Peels or exfoliating facial treatments

☞Currently receiving chemotherapy


The use of Retin A ( Vitamin A ) Retinol based products, Differin, Benzoyl Peroxide, AHA’s and BHA’s (Alpha/Beta Hydroxyl acids), Niacinamide, Strivectin, Obagi, Bleaching Creams, Pro­Active: All of these products must not be used at least 5 to 7 days before facial waxing, as they speed up cell turnover or dry the skin which can cause lifting of the skin + sensitivity.  


Accutane users are unable to receive waxing of any kind for up to a year post usage. 


please do's

Keep skin clean 24 hrs post wax, you want to avoid allowing bacteria on the surface of your skin.


Exfoliate the area well 72 hrs post wax.


Continue to exfoliate between wax session 2-4 times a week using an exfoliation mitt. If you need something more gritty, I recommend using a dry brush as well as a ingrown hair treatment. We will always come up with a game plan tailored for you.

Soothe skin post wax using a cool compress, natural aloe or fur oil which is available at the boutique.


Moisturize your skin daily, exfoliation and hydration come hand in hand. Both are a must between body wax treatments.

please dont

Tanning beds or sun exposure

Swimming pool or hot tubs

Excessive sweating

( Hot yoga, exercise )

Scented soaps + perfumed products

Funny business post brazilian wax

( Avoid touching the area as much as possible, you may transfer harmful bacteria from your hands or your partners hands to your freshly waxed skin )

Exfoliation, give your skin time to rest for at least 2 days


lash lifts

sky high lashes

This relaxing, beautifying service naturally enhances your lashes.  No extensions or damaging strip lashes necessary.
Lifts are formulated to gently and safely curl your lashes for 6 - 12 weeks.  No maintenance or up keep, just lovely eyes that look awake and polished.


  • This process of curling the lashes generally takes just over an hour - please allow a max of 1.5 hours for your booking as times may vary. 

  • Arrive mascara free and dress comfortably.

  • Contact lenses will have to be removed.

  • Discontinue use of lash growth serums 24 hours prior to service.

  • Ensure you have had an allergy test and that you do not have any of the service contraindications. 


  • Lashes cannot have any moisture near them for at least 24 hours. ( Contact with steam or water may drop the curl ) 

  • Avoid the use of water proof makeup in combination with lifts.  It is extremely drying on the lashes!

  • Discontinue use of lash growth products for 48 hours post lift.

  • Do not sleep on your lashes or rub your eyes post lift as this can alter their appearance.

  • Applying castor oil to the lashes keeps them hydrated and healthy.

⚠️ I require an allergy patch test for every first timer; this treatment is not suitable for pregnant clients due to varied results, and possible allergic reactions. Breast feeding clients may have lack luster results due to hormone changes.  Resulting in varied results or curl not taking.  Refunds will not be given in this instance.  Contraindications also include chronic dry eye, conjunctivitis, damaged lashes or lashes with gaps (this treatment may make the gaps more noticeable), active eye infections of any kind, trichotillomania (habitual pulling out of lashes) recent chemo treatments ( Minimum 1 year from your last treatment. In doubt? Always consult with your physician.)

facial treatments 101

the glow up

PREPARE You've booked in for your custom facial - so now what?  Before your facial I recommend coming in with no mascara ( hard to remove mascaras cut into your hands on time IMO )  I typically recommend clients to remove all clothing besides undergarments however, if you're uncomfortable with that - be sure to wear loose comfortable sweat pants.  Arrive for your treatment 5 minutes early so you have time to use the loo. Last but not least, get prepared for deep relaxation and glowing skin

POST After your facial glow up its best to keep it low key and ride the relaxation train.  Avoid direct sunlight, excessive sweating or touching the skin.  Allow all the product goodness time to penetrate and work their magic. Do not exfoliate your face for 1-2 weeks as I take care of that for you.  Purging after a facial is no cause to fret and can happen to some clients.  Always be sure to utilize your SPF everyday.  For regular maintenance aim for every month, bi-monthly or seasonly for best results.


knowledge is power


Peels are a great way to bring new life to your skin.
They have many benefits for all skin types when done in sequences of 3-6

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