SPF is your bestie

Protection = Prevention

The sun is oh so lovely on the skin and mind alike. It boosts your mood and gives you a beautiful glow. Howwwwwevvvvvver, the damage it creates beneath the surface is anything but cute! Skin cancer, age spots, collagen depletion and rapid aging. The great thing is though, is you've got options! Daily SPF is a must on your face, neck, decollete and your hands. Apply your daily spf to your skin prior to starting your routine. If your makeup has an added spf, thats fantastic! Remember that makeup alone with spf is not enough protection. Ideally if you are out and about in the sunshine; reapply every 2 hours or if you've worked up a sweat. Beach days are recharging days - but protect yourself. Utilize a hat, bring some shade and cover up from time to time to give your skin a break. If you've gone for a dip or sweat off your SPF - rinse repeat reapply! And I know I don't need to remind you to avoid tanning beds... right!? 😊 Zinc facial moisturizes are lovely and light weight on the skin. Opt for an SPF that's created specifically for the face to ensure you're not clogging your pores. One of my favourite SPF creams is by eminence. Cloudy days, rain or shine get that protection on. It doesn't matter how many anti aging products you use if you're not taking this prevention step daily. One may argue that spf actually is the ultimate aging preventative!

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Cheers and love the skin you're in!

skin cancer statistics in Canada ◀ ◀ ◀

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