self care savior

Self care is self love; its taking a moment out of your day to do something for YOU. Why is it that its so

easy for us to give love, bend over backwards for those around us - but when it comes to ourselves we often do the bare minimum. Caring for ones self may come in many forms. It could be busting a sweat, diving into a deep yoga stretch, journaling, reading a new book, calling your bestie, making a booking with your favourite practitioner,

or any little thing that brings you inner peace. Its important to set this time aside; its a MUST. You simply cannot be your best self when you're constantly running on empty.

I always encourage clients to book ahead so that they lock down their self care time. If you make things for yourself a priority, you can thrive in every other aspect in your life. Completing self scans can really make you become aware of how you're feeling. Pause, breath and reflect - was your day stressful? Embrace it and think about how you can decompress now that it is over. Guided meditation is a great way to practice focusing on your breath and nothing else. The thing about negative emotions in the body is that it can wear you down; dwelling and regretting things does you absolutely no good. Self care can bring you back to you, ground you and turn your whole day around.

I challenge you to take at least 2 moments for yourself this week. Take some time to think about what was challenging about your day, and what was beautiful !

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